The alternative to cellulose thinner
PROLAQ L Varnish Remover and Paint Stripper

Decide for something new – it’s time for a change!

In the 1960s, car driving was really careless, at least from today’s point of view: no headrests, no seat belts, no airbags. Since that time, the car industry has evolved, and – besides comfort, consumption and speed – safety has become very important. 

Degreasers like cellulose-, rinsing- or universal thinners are on the same safety level as the cars of those days: without headrests, seat belts, and without airbags. The labelling of hazardous substances sends a clear message! Despite protective measures at the working place, health impacts on the operator are not uncommon. 

Why are people still using cellulose thinner for cleaning? Do we live in the 1960s? Development also has continued for varnish remover and paint stripper. 

Recyclable - less costs - optimal cleaning performance!

PROLAQ L varnish remover and PROLAQ L US paint stripper dissolve cured and dried paints, varnishes, inks and printing inks. They clean all paint application and processing tools as well as steel, stainless steel, and aluminium and such. The paint cleaners can also be used for rollers, intake manifolds, pumps and many more. Due to the recyclability of the cleaners, they are reusable several times in combination with the PROLAQ cleaning system, which is why this system is unique in the market.

PROLAQ cleaning systems

Painting tool- und spray gun cleaning device 

The 3-step treatment with the paint remover in the PROLAQ parts washers (manual or automatic) with coarse filter, sedimentation basin and fine filter extends service lives considerably. Practical analyses show that, contrary to cellulose thinners, the PROLQ varnish removers in combination with the parts washers can be reused many times over.

PROLAQ L 100: for water-based varnishes and paints, VOC-reduced

PROLAQ L 500: primarily for solvent-based varnishes and paints, VOC-reduced

PROLAQ L 400: primarily for solvent-based varnished and paints, VOC-reduced, label-free under the CLP Regulation

Ultrasonic devices 

In ultrasonic devices, the PROLAQ L US paint stripper removes dried varnish and paint from parts that are very difficult to clean because of complex geometries and minute bores and orifices. Even sensitive materials such as aluminium are paint-stripped gently and thoroughly. 

PROLAQ L US: for cured, solvent- and water-based varnishes and paints, VOC-reduced

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PROLAQ varnish remover and paint stripper –profit in every respect 

  • Efficient working
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • VOC-reduced or no or low labelling under the CLP Regulation
  • For manual and automatic use 
  • Recyclable 
  • Safe working environment with positive effects on the operator, no solvent vapours, etc. 
  • Costly in-house protective measures become obsolete, no extraction necessary, no special transport or storage regulations etc.

Die PROLAQ Reinigungsgeräte

PROLAQ Compact
PROLAQ Compact
Manual cleaning system for all varnish application- and...
PROLAQ Compact
PROLAQ Compact
Manual cleaning system for all varnish application- and...


Perfectly equipped at all times 

With the original accessories for your BIO-CIRCLE product you’re always on the safe side, be it stainless steel inserts, brushes or filters.

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