Equipment Service

Just like your car, also the BIO-CIRCLE requires regular cleaning and servicing in order to ensure the functionality of the device. For this, we offer you a special service which includes: 

  • Thorough interior and exterior cleaning of the BIO-CIRCLE with eco-compatible Bio-Circle products
  • Checking the installation parts of your device for functionality 
  • Cleaning of aerators, hoses, pumps, etc. and free replacements if necessary 
  • Cleaning of the BIO-CIRCLE Liquid through a fine filter, which separates solids of 25 μm size and more 
  • Disposal of the sludge deposited at the bottom
  • Refilling with cleaned BIO-CIRCLE Liquid and, insofar as required, topping up with fresh BIO-CIRCLE Liquid up to optimal level (not included in the service fee) 

Depending on how intensively you use your BIO-CIRCLE, we offer you different service intervals.


Should you have any questions or require additional information, you are welcome to contact us at any time by phone, fax or email. 

We are looking forward to assisting you with advice and support! 

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