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The BIO-CIRCLE GT Maxi is a high-performance, sturdy and durable parts washer. It captivates with its easy handling and high payload. The parts washer features a large usable area, with plenty of space also for cumbersome parts that can...
The BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact makes parts cleaning easy and safe. The parts cleaning device meets highest requirements on ease of use, reliability and suitability for daily use. Water-based cleaning with natural microorganisms, without...
CB 100 CB 100
CB 100 is a water-based, low-foaming cleaner based on renewable raw materials. Its natural active ingredients dissolve contaminations powerfully without pitting the surfaces. It has a pleasant odour, it is solvent- and VOC-free, and it...
FT 100 FT 100
FT 100 is surfactant-free and cleans surfaces such as glass or plastics without leaving residues, streaks or stains. The surface cleaner is particularly suited for use prior to prior to varnishing, bonding, labelling or coating. In...
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The high-yield eyeglass cleaner The high-yield eyeglass cleaner
The high-yield eyeglass cleaner removes contaminations, such as fingerprints, dust, dirt, and light oil- and grease residues, from eyeglasses. The glasses are maintained and protected from scratches. The spray cleaner is silicone-free...
BIO-CIRCLE microfibre cloth BIO-CIRCLE microfibre cloth
The Bio-Circle micro-fibre cloth is the ideal cloth for highest demands. It removes cleaning fluid residues from the surfaces without smearing, which guarantees a streak-free, mirror-like surface. The soft texture facilitates effortless...
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Multi Clean Multi Clean
Multi Clean is universally applicable. It effectively removes greases, oils, waxes, and resins, but also algae, mould, soot or insect speck. Contaminations caused by pencil, ballpoint pen, felt pen or ink are dissolved as well. Coffee-...
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