Our green concept has proven its worth for over 30 years. 

We provide alternative system solutions in the field of surface technology with a special focus on sustainability and OSHE, without impairing efficiency. 

Our BIO-CIRCLE parts washer epitomizes this concept; as a consequence, it has positioned itself successfully as an innovation leader in the market. 

Our system solutions are always based on the objective of danger avoidance and saving resources at consistently efficient cleaning results. We assume responsibility; therefore, we attach importance to using renewable raw materials and do our best to avoid dangers by substituting and reducing hazardous substances. Consequently, a large part of our products is VOC-free or -reduced and label-free under the CLP Regulation. In addition, our cleaning systems are easy to handle and provide physical relief for the user. 

The integrated recirculation systems facilitate a longer service life of the cleaning fluid. Moreover, our low-temperature cleaners are energy-efficient because they deliver excellent cleaning performance already at ambient temperature. 

Fully aware that we are responsible for our environment, our fully integrated environmental management system is regularly certified by Lloyd’s Register Deutschland GmbH in accordance with the guidelines of the DIN ISO 14.001 standard. As an ecologically oriented enterprise we not only attach the greatest value to optimum product performance but also to maximum environmental compatibility and employee protection. 

We are a competent partner for efficient cleaning and welding. Our company offers its own technical sales, its own production, application technology, and R&D department. 

Our customers are our future. 

We have already set up a network of partners and dealers in 55 countries and distribute our system solutions worldwide. 

We are driven by the pursuit of continuous improvement and customer-oriented innovations. 

We cater to our customers’ interests and objectives and never cease to work on the development and further development of our systems, products, and technologies. 

Our customers help us optimize existing processes and develop alternatives and solutions that will make their work even better. 

We do not only offer individual solutions but complete system solutions that are applied in the cleaning of most diverse surfaces in a variety of work sectors. 

We react to our costumers’ specific desires. In addition to minimum delivery times, we also focus on intensive customer care and consultation provided by our well-trained and competent team. This way, we provide our customers with comprehensive service. 

The customer can obtain an optimal introduction to our products and systems on site, provided by our field force and service technicians. In addition, our field force develops in cooperation with our customers the most efficient system solution for them. We also offer demos and trainings for our customers and dealers at our headquarters. 

Our R&D and our application technology department at our headquarters can also carry out analyses of contaminated parts or of our cleaning baths. 

Moreover, our Customer Service will be happy to assist you with any queries and provide application-technology- or product-related consultations. 

We keep our team abreast of new processes, products, systems and technologies and their applications by offering regular trainings, seminars and meetings.


Should you have any questions or require additional information, you are welcome to contact us at any time by phone, fax or email. 

We are looking forward to assisting you with advice and support! 

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