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✔ For protection against : enveloped viruses (such as coronavirus), bacteria, fungi and other viruses ✔ Free of colourants and fragrances ✔ Application : put sufficient amount into dry hands and rub in (for external use only) For any...
10 Liter Kanister VIRAL CLEANER 200 VIRAL CLEANER 200
✔ Fast-drying surfactant cleaner ✔ Ready for use ✔ REMOVES greases, oils, nicotine, protein etc. ✔ CLEANS water-resistant surfaces, finished wood surfaces, varnished surfaces etc.
Surface disinfection – safe and effective ✔ Easy: Spray on, allow to take effect, finished. The users can continue working immediately → only 1 minute of exposure time ✔ Safe: Even viruses and bacteria that are resistant to other...
10 Liter Kanister VIRAL CLEANER 300 VIRAL CLEANER 300
✔ Surfactant cleaner for heavy soiling ✔ Ready for use and miscible up to 1:100 ✔ REMOVES greases, oils, resin, wax, nicotine, protein and much more ✔ CLEANS alkali-resistant surfaces ✔ For greasy dirt in the industry: cabinets, lockers,...
Handdesinfektionsspender SEPTY-POINT
The disinfection station with ANTISEPT-D (to be ordered separately): The disinfectant that is produced according to a WHO (World Health Organization) formula. It protects against enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, fungi and...
Drei Handsprayflaschen VIRAL CLEANER Acryl Bundle VIRAL CLEANER Acryl
✔  CLEANS   acrylic glass and all transparent plastic  ✔  REMOVES   fingerprints, grease, dust, etc  ✔ The acrylic glass remains permanently clear   ✔  Viscous

Product sizes:

3 PET Handsprayflaschen 500 ml

plastic jerrican 10 L

20 Flaschen + 10 Sprayköpfe

Plastic barrel 200 l

plastic jerrican 20 L

10 Liter Kanister VIRAL CLEANER 100 VIRAL CLEANER 100
✔ Universal surfactant cleaner ✔ Ready for use ✔ REMOVES light soiling such as greases, oils, protein, nicotine, coffee- and tea stains, pencil, ink etc. ✔ CLEANS sensitive surfaces ✔ Anywhere and anything : tables, chairs, kitchen...