Environmental protection and quality

Environmental protection, sustainability and quality are deeply rooted in our corporate values. That is why we already implemented a fully integrated environmental management system in 1996, which is certified at regular intervals by Lloyd’s Register Deutschland GmbH in accordance with the guidelines of the globally applicable DIN EN ISO 14.001 standard. 

The certification attests to the fact that we deal with resources responsibly: with raw materials used in production, with energy and water, and also with waste. 

“In our opinion, voluntary participation in this environmental management system is the right way to continuous improvement in environmental protection.” Birgit Große, Managing Director Germany. 

You can find our current ISO 14001 certificate here.

Sustainable concept:

Our sustainable overall concept is based on looking at the entire path of life of our products and systems, monitoring them from manufacture to use to disposal. 

  • Save resources:

In order to save resources, we make sure that a large part of the energy that is consumed in the processes at our site is generated by ourselves. 

  • Development of systems and products:

When we develop our systems and products, we pay particular attention that they not only deliver a high performance but are also environmentally compatible. 

Existing processes at the customers’ form the basis for the development of these system solutions. The previously used processes are improved in such a way that the environment is protected and occupational safety is enhanced while efficiency remains at a high level, thus presenting a qualitatively efficient alternative. 

Our system solutions have been developed for a variety of applications and stand out for their special characteristics that contribute to protecting both the environment and the employees. These characteristics include, first and foremost, reducing hazardous substances, saving resources, saving energy, and reducing waste. For instance, the use of filters and recirculation systems makes it possible that the cleaning fluids can be used longer, thus producing less waste. Furthermore, the spray bottles for instance can be refilled. 

With the special characteristics of our cleaning systems and cleaners we assume responsibility for protecting the environment and our society. Below you will find an overview of these characteristics: 

logo-refresh-natureboost-500x500 Nature Boost

Nature Boost cleaners focus on optimal performance, employee protection and reduction of environmental impacts. They are based on renewable raw materials, and their excellent dissolving powers make them especially suitable for strong greases, oils, adhesives and also paint and inks. 

Buttons_VOC_500x500_EN VOC-free, VOC-reduced

The European VOC Solvents Directive (1999/13/EC) aims to considerably reduce the use of solvents and VOC emissions into the environment, thus protecting the environment and human health. In the development and manufacturing of our products we pay close attention to developing and manufacturing VOC-free or VOC-reduced products. In plenty of applications, the water-based cleaners can replace solvents completely. For a variety of highly volatile solvents we offer alternatives for fulfilling the reduction schedule. 

MesseTaler-Clean-Blue-500x500 Clean Blue - energy efficiency

In times of increasing energy costs and limited resources, the efficient use of energy is gaining more and more importance in all sectors. The low-temperature cleaners have been developed for mechanical and manual use. They save energy and efficiently remove strong contaminations already at ambient temperature. The cleaners can be used flexibly at all temperatures, parts can be measured in a timely manner, freshwater consumption is reduced, and the risk of surface drying on the parts is lower. 

Button_unlabelled_EN-1 unlabelled - reduction of hazardous substances

With efficient systems and non-hazardous products, we manage to optimize the processes at our customers’. In spite of the cleaning being non-hazardous, the quality of the cleaning result is maintained. No more time-consuming, costly handling of hazardous substances. Hazardous substances warehouses, hazardous substances trainings, and compiling operating and instruction manuals are no longer required. The employees’ health and the environment are protected. Even apprentices are allowed to handle the products. 

nsf-500x500 NSF-registration

In addition, a number of our cleaners that may be used in the foodstuffs industry have also been granted approval by the NSF(National Sanitation Foundation), which means they are registered and approved at international level. NSF International is an independent non-profit organization for product tests und certifications that was founded in the US and that lays down standards for a wide range of household- and industrial products. The NSF registration gives users and inspection officials peace of mind that our products comply with the food safety regulations.

Cleaning in the foodstuffs industry 

In Germany, cleaning in the foodstuffs industry is subject to the German Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code (LFGB). According to Sec. 2 LFGB, cleaning agents are consumer goods. It is prohibited to put consumer goods in circulation that contain substances that may pass over to foodstuffs or their surfaces. Some of our water-based cleaners are suitable for applications in the foodstuffs industry according to Sec. 31 LFGB because they are miscible with water and can be wiped off without residues. 

Cleaners tested in accordance with ÖNORM B 5105 

Our BIO-CIRCLE L, ALUSTAR 300 and UNO W cleaners have been registered and tested in accordance with ÖNORM B 5105. 

This means that they can be processed by means of an oil separator. These cleaning agents are neatly separated because the oil does not emulsify. What is left is concentrated waste substances that can be disposed of by an appropriate disposal company. The processed cleaner doesn’t contain any more mineral oils and is again ready for use. 

Hence, the cleaning agents that have been tested in accordance with ÖNORM B 5105 reduce waste and protect the environment.