Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection

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400 Milliliter Aerosoldose Hochleistungs-Rostschutz Wachs High-Performance Anti-Rust Wax
High-Performance Anti-Rust Wax has excellent metal adherence properties and protects all metals from corrosion during open-air storage and transport. The protective film is highly flexible, dynamic and does not stick. Once dried, the wax...
Aerosoldose Zink-Spray Silber Zink-Spray Silber
Zinc Spray Silver features a high concentration of zinc pigments that guarantee protection against weathering influences. Effective corrosion protection.
500 Gramm Weißblechdose Zink-Paste Silber Zinc Paste Silver
The epoxy resin contained in the Paste brings about a uniform distribution of the zinc and aluminium pigments on the surface. This means that damaged zinc-coatings or other coatings can be repaired, e.g. after welding. 

Product sizes:

tin 1000 g

tin 500 g

tin pail 10 kg

1 Kilogramm Weißblechdose Zink-Paste Zinc Paste
With its zinc content of 95 % in the dry film the paste provides effective corrosion protection. This means that external environmental influences, such as water or air, will not damage the treated surface.
500 Milliliter Sprühflasche Hochleistungs-Rostschutz Öl High-Performance Anti-Rust Oil
This liquid High-Performance Anti-Rust Oil protects metal surfaces and machine parts before, during and after machining as well as during storage inside and outside of buildings.  The brown oil features strong dewatering...

Product sizes:

plastic bottle 500 ml

plastic jerrican 20 L

400 Milliliter Sprühdose Edelstahl-Schutzspray Stainless Steel Spray
Due to the combination of resin and stainless steel powder, Stainless Steel Spray is particularly scratch-resistant, resistant to bending, and impact-proof. Moreover, it is water-repellent and highly resistant to aggressive environmental...