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Tap for 5 L and 10 L jerricans.
BIO-CIRCLE microfibre cloth BIO-CIRCLE microfibre cloth
The Bio-Circle micro-fibre cloth is the ideal cloth for highest demands. It removes cleaning fluid residues from the surfaces without smearing, which guarantees a streak-free, mirror-like surface. The soft texture facilitates effortless...
Special cleaning fleece, d=150 mm Special cleaning fleece, d=150 mm
For professional stainless steel cleaning Perfect with Bio-Circle E-NOX products Maximum grip in combination with the hand grinding disc Polishes stainless steel and absorbs existing contaminations
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Tap for 30 L jerricans.
Foam rubber hand grinding disc, d = 150 mm Foam rubber hand grinding disc, d = 150 mm
The hand grinding disc is made of foam rubber and features an integrated strap, which guarantees the non-slip application of the special cleaning fleeces The combination of hand grinding disc and fleece can be used with Bio-Circle E-NOX...
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