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Tap for 5 L and 10 L jerricans.
BIO-CIRCLE microfibre cloth BIO-CIRCLE microfibre cloth
The Bio-Circle micro-fibre cloth is the ideal cloth for highest demands. It removes cleaning fluid residues from the surfaces without smearing, which guarantees a streak-free, mirror-like surface. The soft texture facilitates effortless...
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Tap for 30 L jerricans.
Special cleaning fleece, d=150 mm Special cleaning fleece, d=150 mm
For professional stainless steel cleaning Perfect with Bio-Circle E-NOX products Maximum grip in combination with the hand grinding disc Polishes stainless steel and absorbs existing contaminations
E-WELD Shield Sprühpistole E-WELD Shield Sprühpistole
The surface protection is poured directly into the cap of the spray gun, and the air hose of the compressed air supply is connected to the spray gun. The spray pattern is fast and easy to adapt to the needs to be covered, such as the air...
Tool box Bio-Circle Tool box Bio-Circle
This handy tool box facilitates easy transport of bottled Bio-Circle cleaning products, making it ideal for mobile cleaning jobs. It is the perfect companion in areas with a high demand for mobile cleaning, such as bigger workshops,...
Premium cleaning cloth, roll Premium cleaning cloth, roll
The Premium cleaning cloth is your everyday companion in manual cleaning. It effortlessly absorbs a high quantity of cleaner and the contaminations contained therein and binds them, thus reducing streak formation on the surface. This...
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