The liquid, solvent-free, water-based BIO-CIRCLE Liquids have been specifically developed for use in the BIO-CIRCLE parts washing systems, both for manual and mechanical applications. They also clean extremely contaminated parts in an easy, fast, safe and eco-friendly way; a user-friendly, eco-compatible and economical cleaning solution for the efficient removal of oils, greases and particle impurities from components, work pieces, motors and engines. Even persistent contaminations, such as machining oils, cutting coolants, corrosion protection products, greases and similar contaminations, will be removed. 

They are ready to use, which eliminates the risk of incorrect dilution and variations in quality, and regular bath analyses become obsolete. The natural micro-organisms contained therein biodegrade the ingressed grease- or oil contaminations, the oil is split into CO2 and water. This guarantees neat and thorough parts cleaning, long service lives and a high useful life expectancy in combination with a constantly high cleaning performance. In comparison to cold cleaners, the bath life of the BIO-CIRCLE Liquids is up to four times longer. Also with increasing dirt ingress, constantly good cleaning results are achieved. 

Being pH-neutral water-based cleaning fluids, they do not pit surfaces; all materials from plastics to steel can be cleaned. In addition, special corrosion inhibitors provide temporary protection after cleaning. 

The surfactants contained therein are on the basis of renewable raw materials. The Liquids contain no solvents, so they avoid VOC emissions and meet the requirements of the VOC Directive. No labelling is required under the CLP Regulation, which means they are easy and safe to use, to store and to transport, and they do not pit surfaces (no corrosion). BIO-CIRCLE Liquid means no hazard to humans and the environment, and at the same time high effectiveness and economic efficiency. An active contribution to occupational safety and environmental protection. 



  • No damage to materials 
  • No corrosion (contains corrosion inhibitors) 
  • VOC-free
  • NO HAZMAT, label-free 
  • Water-based cleaner 
  • Cleaning by means of surfactants 
  • Removes oils, greases, and particle impurities 
  • Contains natural microorganisms 
  • Ingressed oils and greases are degraded 
  • Long bath lives, less waste