UNO Range

The products of the UNO range stand out for their versatility. The water-based alkaline universal cleaners cover a wide range of application fields. The highly effective surfactants reduce the surface tension, thus dissolving all kinds of contamination in a gentle way. 

The following contaminations can be removed: 

  • Vegetable and mineral oils and greases 
  • Proteins
  • Pigmented inks 
  • Fresh paint residues 
  • Separating agent residues 
  • Plastic residues 
  • Smoke residues 
  • Waxes 
  • Resins 

UNO products can be used in manual and mechanical applications. 

When used in mechanical cleaning devices, bath lives can be extended with the aid of an oil separator– the cleaning fluid will remain powerful and active for a long time. The products already work without additional heating, which helps save energy. 

All UNO products contain no phosphates and feature the lowest possible labelling. 

The products can be used on the following materials: 

  • Steel/stainless steel 
  • Wood 
  • Synthetic materials
  • Ceramics
  • Tiles 
  • Rubber 
  • Aluminium & zinc (Do not apply as concentrate!) 

These characteristics make UNO products suitable for wherever most diverse materials have to be cleaned and degreased efficiently. 

The special features of the UNO range 

S – The powerful version 

UNO products with an additional S in their names contain a small share of solvent (5%). This enhances their cleaning effect and facilitates the efficient removal of stronger contaminations. 

F – Foamless, suitable for mechanical applications 

F stands for “foamless”. Products with this feature are low-foaming, thus facilitating their use in a variety of cleaning devices: 

  • Ultrasonic baths 
  • Pressure washers 
  • Spray extraction systems 
  • Line- and multi-chamber systems 
  • And many more 

P – Additional corrosion protection 

With materials that corrode easily using a UNO product with additional corrosion protection is recommended. Otherwise, water-based cleaners may trigger the formation of light rust after cleaning. This is prevented by the additional corrosion protection, however, it cannot substitute permanent corrosion protection for sensitive components. 

V – The viscous additive for vertical surfaces 

The viscous version has been developed for the cleaning of vertical and sloping surfaces. Thanks to its gel structure it adheres to the surfaces, thus facilitating optimal exposure times. Afterwards, the product is removed as usual, leaving nothing but a clean surface. 

The special products of the UNO range 

For special applications, the range includes two special products:

UNO W, the universal cleaner especially developed for the workshop sector that features the characteristics F (low-foaming) and P (corrosion protection). This makes it an all-rounder in the workshop and in maintenance but also in forestry and agriculture, and in the building industry. 

UNO X, which has been especially developed for use on large vertical surfaces, meaning it is particularly viscous and effective. It can be used wherever large vertical surfaces require cleaning. 



  • universell in der Anwendung 
  • ölabscheiderverträglich 
  • optimal für Niedrigtemperaturreiigung 
  • VOC-frei/ -reduziert