Effizente Reinigerkonzentrate für automatische Reinigungsprozesse
STAR Range

The low foaming, water-based cleaners for use in automatic parts washers that facilitate time-saving industrial degreasing. All products are free from hazardous substances and have been developed with obtaining the lowest possible labelling in mind. This makes them not only safe to use but also environmentally friendly. 

Economical & efficient 

All cleaner have been developed according to the latest state of the art. For instance, they can be used in energy-saving low-temperature cleaning. This way, you will not only save time but also energy. 

Reduced cleaning temperatures also offer the following benefits: 

  • Reduced risk of drying on the components 
  • No condensate formation on the components during cooling 

All STAR and ALUSTAR cleaners can be used very economically. This is guaranteed by the high concentration of active ingredients that facilitates diluting the cleaners with water. As a rule, a concentration of 3% will suffice to obtain a strong cleaning performance. 

In addition, the STAR and ALUSTAR cleaners are compatible with oil separators, which means that long bath lives can be achieved at high cleaning performances. Moreover, the fluid does not have to be changed so frequently, which reduces unnecessary device downtimes in the cleaning process. 

Fields of use

The cleaners of the STAR and ALUSTAR range are suitable for the removal of oils and greases from a variety of materials. To find out which cleaner can be used on which material, please refer to the table below. 

Our cleaners are suitable for the following types of devices: 

  • Ultrasonic devices 
  • Hot-water parts washing systems 
  • Line- and multi-chamber systems 
  • Conveyor systems 
  • Spraying systems 
  • Flooding systems
  • Pressure washers 
  • Immersion baths 


  • The cleaners of the STAR range are generally suitable for cleaning resistant materials such as steel and other alkali-resistant surfaces. 
STAR 300
STAR 200
STAR 100