Power Cleaner

Powerful acidic cleaners for the removal of inorganic soiling and mineral deposits.
The powerful Power Cleaner products are free of phosphates and hydrofluoric acid and VOC-free or -reduced.

Power Cleaner 150: Gentle and effective, label-free, VOC-free, NSF-certified; for manual and machine application

Power Cleaner 200: Can only be used manually or in ultrasonic cleaning devices, can be heated up to 90 °C, ideally suited for use in foam sprayers

Power Cleaner 300: Only suitable for manual cleaning, for the heaviest soiling, strong foaming, VOC-free

Power Cleaner 400: Gentle on materials, suitable for non-ferrous metals, suitable for the food industry, manual and machine application possible

Power Cleaner DB: Especially for machine use in the RWR (cleaning and flushing of pipelines) and in the HTW hot-water parts washer

Power Cleaner KST 2.0: Ready-to-use application, especially for machine application in the RWR KST



  • Removal of the heaviest soiling such as limescale and mineral deposits; to some extent rust, oxidation, and tarnishing

  • Material: Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, and plastic; to some extent non-ferrous metal etc.

  • Very economical → miscible with water

  • Work made easy with the right cleaner → for every degree of soiling, for a wide range of materials

  • For manual and machine application: in cleaning systems for pipes and heat exchangers, in systems for cleaning and rinsing cooling ducts of plastic injection moulds, in hot-water parts washers and in ultrasonic cleaning devices.

Power Cleaner 400
Power Cleaner KST 2.0
Power Cleaner 150
Power Cleaner 200
Power Cleaner 300
Power Cleaner DB