Power Cleaner

Powerful acidic cleaners for removing inorganic contaminations 

The Power Cleaners are acidic, powerful cleaners that can be used for removing inorganic contaminations, such as metal debris, limescale, and tarnishing. Another field of application of the acidic cleaner is the surface treatment of metals in order to remove oxidations, such as rust and scale. 

The Power Cleaner range can be used in both mechanical and manual cleaning. 

  • Removal of rust, limescale, oxidation and tarnishing
  • Free from nitric-and hydrofluoric acid 
  • Removal of films from brass and copper 
  • For manual and mechanical cleaning
  • Removal also of oil-, grease- and protein residues 

The cleaners can be used for the removal of cement- and limescale residues, urine scale, rust and metal tarnishing. 

Power Cleaner DB and Power Cleaner KST are particularly suited for pipe- and vessel cleaning and for use in the HTW (Hot-Water Parts Washer). They effectively dissolve contaminations on the inside of the cooling ducts in plastic injection moulding tools, and contaminations such as rust and scale on components. 

The cleaning effect manifests itself in hydrons that are present in an acidic solution attaching themselves to the contaminations and to the surface to be cleaned. The positive charge of the contaminations and the surface causes the contaminations to be repelled by the surface. This effect is multiplied may times over by cleansing substances (surfactants). The contaminations can subsequently be removed effortlessly. 

Product differentiation: 

  • Power Cleaner 150: Label-free general-purpose cleaner, NSF-certified 
  • Power Cleaner 200: Concentrated power cleaner for cleaning in the whole outdoor- and industry sector 
  • Power Cleaner 300: With special penetration effect for the removal of limescale- and boiler scale residues and urine scale 
  • Power Cleaner 400: For manual and mechanical cleaning, gently removes even the most persistent of mineral deposits
  • Power Cleaner DB: Low-foaming, for mechanical applications in the Pipe- and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Device (RWR), the Hot-Water Parts Washer (HTW), and other spray washing systems 
  • Power Cleaner KST: Especially developed for use in the Pipe- and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Device (RWR KST) for rinsing tools, moulds and ducts in zinc die casting, aluminium casting, and plastic injection moulding 


  • Effective in the removal of even the most persistent of mineral contaminations 
  • Gentle on the surfaces 
  • Remove metallic surface oxides with penetration effect 
  • Free from nitric and hydrofluoric acid 
  • Promote employee protection and occupational health and safety 
Power Cleaner KST 2.0
Power Cleaner 400
Power Cleaner 150
Power Cleaner 200
Power Cleaner 300
Power Cleaner DB