FT - Final Touch

The fast-drying solvent substitute 

The field of use

The cleaners of the FT range are mainly used in surface pre-treatment and are suitable for removing adhesive residues or contaminations caused by machining oils. Among other things, they are used in cleaning and degreasing prior to coating, bonding, labelling or varnishing. They remove residues that adversely affect adhesion of materials to be applied to surfaces. In final cleaning, fingerprints, dust and light oils are removed effectively. 

Characteristics of the FT cleaners 

FT 100 and FT 300 clean without surfactants and are used in particular on smooth and shiny surfaces such as glass and metal. In addition, FT 100 can be used in the food industry.

FT 200 and FT 400 are phosphate-free and provide the cleaned surface with temporary corrosion protection. FT 200 evaporates very fast; FT 400 also removes extremely persistent contaminations. 

The corrosion inhibitors facilitate short-term storage between degreasing and downstream processing. The surfactants contained therein are biodegradable in accordance with the Detergents Regulation. 

The alkaline FTs are water-based and an efficient alternative to conventional solvents, cellulose thinners and cold cleaners. They are non-flammable and dry considerably faster on the surface than other water-based products. 

This product range is easy to use because the cleaners can be applied directly. Diluting them is not necessary. They leave no streaks, no stains and virtually no residues. 

The VOC reduction or low VOC content and classification as non-labelled under the CLP Regulation boost occupational health and safety and environmental protection. 

This makes them safe to use and benefits employee health. 

No hazardous substance means that not only storage but also transport is simplified, which allows for cost reductions: Using the water-based FT cleaners as a solvent substitute saves disposal- and storage costs, and also training-, insurance- and transport costs. Moreover, if applied optimally, cleaning agent consumption can be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional solvents. 



  • Substitute for solvents, cellulose thinners and cold cleaners
  • Residue-, streak- and stain-free cleaning
  • Fast-drying 
  • Ready to use 
  • No labelling required under the CLP Regulation 
  • VOC-reduced or low VOC content 
  • Safe and easy to use 
  • Free from phosphates or surfactants 
  • Improved environmental protection and occupational health and safety
  • No HAZMAT means reduced costs 
FT 100
FT 300
FT 200
FT 400