FT - Final Touch

Residue-free surface pre-treatment and final cleaning

The ready-to-use, manually applicable cleaners of the FT range are all label-free and quick-drying. They remove oil and grease soiling of any kind from a variety of materials.

The FTs sorted by cleaning power: FT 100 ► FT 300 ► FT 200 ► FT 400

 FT 100: Residue- and streak-free, NSF-certified, VOC-reduced, perfect for use before painting, labelling, and bonding

FT 200: Virtually residue- and streak-free, NSF-certified, VOC-reduced, temporary corrosion protection

FT 300: Residue- and streak-free, even faster evaporation than FT 100, VOC-reduced

FT 400: Virtually residue- and streak-free, excellent dissolving power for heavy oil and grease soiling, separating agents, and adhesive residues



  • For every type of soiling we have the right cleaner
  • Enables fast work processes → quick drying
  • Safe application → label-free, VOC-reduced
  • Environmentally friendly → our answer to cold cleaners
  • Easy handling → ready to use
  • Reduces costs → no hazardous substances
FT 100
FT 300
FT 200
FT 400