Smoke Resin Remover

The highly concentrated intensive cleaners of the Smoke Resin Remover range remove even the most persistent of contaminations, such as smoke resin residues and resinous or burnt-in greases. Vegetable and mineral oils and protein residues can be removed effectively as well. Also components and machine parts are efficiently cleaned from manufacturing residues, but also from contaminated anti-friction- and roller bearing greases. 

The water-based cleaners are phosphate- and VOC-free. 

They remove even the most persistent of contaminations, so Smoke Resin Remover foamless and Smoke Resin Remover DB are mainly used in maintenance. 

Both cleaning agents are primarily used in mechanical applications because they are low-foaming, and an optimal cleaning temperature is guaranteed at approx. 60°C/140°F. So they are mainly used in single- and multi-chamber spray cleaning devices (HTWs), pipe- and heat exchanger cleaning devices (RWRs), and also in immersion- and ultrasonic cleaning devices. They are used in the cleaning devices in diluted form, which makes them economical in use. 

Smoke Resin Remover DB is also approved by Deutsche Bahn AG and is used for cleaning trains and train components, with the aid of special application systems. 

Smoke Resin Remover, though, has been developed mainly for removing persistent greases, oils and smoke resins in food-related areas of the industry, and is NSF-certified. So it can be used for the cleaning of smokehouses, cooking facilities, and canteens. For instance, filters, escapes and exhaust hoods, and ovens are cleaned effectively. The cleaner contains active foam and is ready for use to be sprayed onto the contaminated surfaces. 



  • Highly concentrated, water-based 
  • Phosphate- and VOC-free 
  • For use in the maintenance of machine parts and components 
  • Suitable for use in the foodstuffs industry 
  • For the removal of persistent contaminations, such as smoke resin residues and resinous or burnt-in greases 
  • Smoke Resin Remover foamless for mechanical applications 
  • Smoke Resin Remover with active foam for manual applications 
Smoke Resin Remover
Smoke Resin Remover foamless
Smoke Resin Remover DB