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odour remover

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500 Milliliter Sprühflasche Urin-Attacke Urin-Attacke
The user-friendly and eco-compatible sanitary cleaner is VOC- and label-free . Spray it directly on the tile joints around toilet bowls and urinals. Toilet- and urine odours are eliminated efficiently and with long-term impact .
500 Milliliter Sprühflasche mit New Fresh Air New Fresh Air
New Fresh Air can be used against rubbish bin-, restroom- and nicotine smells. Also flooding- and burnt smells can be eliminated. The pH-neutral odour remover can also be used pre-emptively in order to avoid stench formation already...

Product sizes:

PET-(Recyclat) Flasche 500ml mit Sprayer

plastic jerrican 5 L

10 rPET-Sprayflasche + 10 Refill, 500ml

plastic jerrican 20 L