Parallel Plate Separator Range

Device for extending the lifetimes of water-based process baths

Increasing requirements on the purity levels and service lives of water-based cleaning- and degreasing baths, grit cooling agent emulsions, and other industrial fluids, require an effective solution. The Parallel Plate Separator (PPT) removes oil, sludge, suspended solids and sediments from the moving and warm process baths in a highly effective and automatic way while the plant is in operation. The PPT operates on the basis of the combined effect of gravitation and coalescence, without use of chemical additives. It is universally applicable with cold and warm process baths, and in a pH range between 1 and 14. 



  • Service life extension 
  • Guarantees the constantly good quality and purity of process baths 
  • Economical 
  • Low operating costs
Parallel Plate Separator (PPT) Mini
Parallel Plate Separator (PPT) Kompakt
Parallel Plate Separator (PPT) 001
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PlattenPhasenTrenner PPT 003