MAKING GREEN GOALS by Bio-Circle Surface Technology Ltd.

"At first it was just such an idea," said Mark Tomlinson, "Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH in Germany sponsors motor sports, in Poland it is motorcycles. We also need something so special in Great Britain! 

The idea: football. Everybody knows, everybody watches & worldwide successful and popular. But what does this sector have to do with industrial cleaning? 

Every football club has one or more playing fields that require extensive maintenance and servicing. With lawn mowers, cutting tools etc. the lawn is cut up to daily. Until now these cutting tools are not maintained, put back and then reused until the time (which usually occurs very quickly) when the cutting performance is no longer sufficient and a new tool has to be purchased. 

"This is our chance to combine sport and business", explained Mark. 

About 3 months ago he went into the first talks with British football clubs. One of them was the Forest Green Rovers Football Club, which plays in the Football League Two, the fourth highest league in England. The contact person there was an environmental manager. The goal of this club is not only to play excellent football, but also to act as a role model for environmental protection and safe working. Then a Bio-Circle cleaning solution came in handy. You could almost say it fits like a fist on the eye. Green jerseys, green grass, green cleaning. #GoFGR

Not only the colours match here, but also the cooperation. Mark placed a BIO-CIRCLE GT Maxi with BIO-CIRCLE L Ultra, which is used for maintenance. And this successfully. The football club is very satisfied and is now cleaning its cutting tools in an environmentally friendly and user-friendly way. 

But that's not all: A banner was installed in the stadium that can be seen on TV during home matches. 

Mark said enthusiastically: "We have a food in the door of a really big sector. Only in England alone are there 92 professional clubs, all of which have to wait for their turf. This sector is a great opportunity for Bio-Circle worldwide".

Since this success, many more talks with top football clubs have already taken place. It has even become a success if Bio-Circle is recommended by the clubs to each other. Mark has received several inquiries. 

"I just think it's great what has come out of this idea so far. Even though it is still in its infancy, I am very confident. Football clubs can be a role model for all other sectors and industries. Cleaning is not just cleaning, there is much more to it. In the near future I will be networking a lot and talking about it at several trade fairs and conferences. There is a lot of potential in this sector, not just in maintenance," explained the Head of Sales Uk.

"Even if you have to invest a lot of work, it has been worth it so far. Now we are also rolling out suitable campaigns via LinkedIn, Instagram or flyers in order to make Bio-Circle known and big in this sector as well. And all this under the motto: MAKING GREEN GOALS.