Five good reasons for a partnership with Bio-Circle

1) Your business with Bio-Circle support

You benefit from the experience and support of skilful export managers who have already had success in the business. Meetings, phone calls as well as sales tips will optimize your sales techniques and expand your business knowledge, integrating Bio-Circle directly into your existing business. This means that, with the same amount of effort, you can profit from a bigger customer base. 

You can be a part of a simple, proven distributor concept. Plenty of people have already had success, so why not be the next one? You will be assigned a Bio-Circle export manager as your close business partner. The manager will answer all upcoming questions, explain the products to you in detail, and do professional trainings with you. You will be accompanied on your personal way to success, and joint customer visits will strengthen you.

2) Do you want to increase your profit without additional effort?

In the industrial sector, machine maintenance and service is important. Every existing customer needs to clean in a certain way. 

Do you want to have even more international companies as customers? We support you in expanding your customer base; Cross Selling is one way to your success. 

You are already successful in your sectors. On these grounds, you can make your customers even happier with Bio-Circle products. The customer profits from the partnership as well as you as a partner. Increase your profit by selling new products to existing customers. 

Partner loyalty: We have grown with our sales partners over years and have made them strong. Their business is still increasing and they have won plenty of new customers. Our partnership is characterized by universally increasing profits. Take the opportunity and join the community!

3) Do you wish to increase your customer loyalty?

Nine out of ten customers are loyal and source products regularly and in the long term. That characterizes a great community with successful people. We would like to expand this community worldwide and optimize our sales network, working closely together and forming a successful group of people who sell profitable products and improve the processes at their customers’. We have already built up a network of references. References help a lot to increase a customer base and sell products to potential new customers all around the world. Do you want to be a part of this team? Bio-Circle partners are given the opportunity to increase their business on their own, with the background knowledge of a supplier and manufacturer that produces environmentally friendly products, considers working safety as well as efficiency, and does his own research and development.

4) Are you looking for a competent partner?

Exceptional reliability, teamwork, and profitable conditions are the foundations of a working partnership. As a partner, we offer you a team that identifies your strengths and will provide matching solutions. We cover a large number of sectors like the automotive, aviation, CNC, foodstuff, transportation, traffic, energy, craft, maintenance, plastic injection moulding, agricultural engineering, and forestry industries and can provide a huge variety of solutions. 

In addition to 135 standard products, we also create specialized products for particular customer requests, which means that you have the chance to satisfy your customers’ wishes and attain greater satisfaction. 

Product know-how is another important element of our competence. We have our own research and development department that constantly develops and improves innovative products for the market and you. 

Biologists, chemists, product managers and machine engineers work closely together and check applications as well as cleaners for the operators. This process guarantees that the products perform flawlessly at the customer. Application technicians monitor the experiments and suggest appropriate products. To generate an even better outcome, customers can send parts to the laboratory and have them checked. In addition, our application technicians visit the company to become familiar with the whole process. This makes the procedure even more efficient. 

Product managers are in charge of product safety. They prepare safety data sheets for you and your customer. In order to fulfil specific customer requirements, the team develops individual solutions based on efficiency, performance and optimisation of the customer’s processes. 

In addition to the R&D department, you are also supported by the Export Customer Service. They provide you with technical data and information material, take care of your offers and keep you up-to-date with your orders, e.g. shipment dates. The Customer Service team works hand in hand with your sales rep and is always available to assist you. Furthermore, the team organizes seminars in the professional training centre so that you can gain experience as well as knowledge. 

By way of conclusion, behind Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH stands a team of highly motivated employees who support each other and advance development. Through extensive expertise, we constantly aim to improve quality for you

5) Are you looking for innovative products?

We help your customers to work better: 

User- and eco-friendly products are our strength. Concurrently, consistent cleaning power is guaranteed. 

Importing innovative products means, above all, cost savings and less effort. When it comes to storing Bio-Circle products, the customer has the following advantages: The customer does not have to meet additional requirements in logistics and does not need to provide additional storage space. Bio-Circle products can be easily added to existing products. 

What makes Bio-Circle products innovative? 

The user’s health is protected through solvent-reduced and solvent-free liquids. In addition, PPE is not necessary, which saves money for the customer. Good skin compatibility and dermatologically tested products underline this advantage. Microorganisms are an important part of Bio-Circle products. They are contained in the liquids and extend the service life through various processes and self-regeneration. Your customer saves money in the long term and reduces waste costs; and permanent service guarantees consistently high cleaning power without additional effort.

The transport of hazardous goods and materials is known to be complex. In contrast to that, Bio-Circle products are label-free and do not need to meet special transport requirements. That simplifies and speeds up shipping. Save products can be easily delivered as a parcel. 

Energy efficiency, increase of save substances, VOC-free/-reduced products, and service for our systems optimize the customer’s working life. What could be better than optimizing the customer’s working process? At the same time, the customer will also save money by using Bio-Circle products, and you can increase your profit