BIO-CIRCLE L Star – more profit through accident prevention

Cleaning industrial parts – an everyday part of a working day in the industrial sector. Are your customers still using solvents to clean parts from oil, grease, and dirt? In Germany alone, more than 23,300 people suffer acid burns while working with hazardous chemical goods every year. The customers may orient themselves towards the competition to reduce their accident potential. Help them reduce the risk potential connected with handling chemicals during cleaning before anything happens. In order to make your customers’ work safer, we as a manufacturer of customized solutions for CLEANING, cleaning systems, welding, protecting, and lubricating offer paramount operator-friendly products with VOC-free/VOC-reduced liquids.

Easy to use – professional working place – high cleaning performance

The BIO-CIRCLE liquids guarantee safety at work, optimal cleaning power, and resource-savings in the long term. For an even better result of automatic cleaning, BIO-CIRCLE L Star is the new cleaner when it comes to increasing user safety.


In addition, your customers can save money thanks to powerful degreasing and to microorganisms that extend the lifetime of a liquid while cleaning with high pressure.

The BIO-CIRCLE L Star is efficient because the cleaner in combination with the biological parts washing machine offer the opportunity to save time and money. BIO-CIRCLE devices are the perfect cleaning equipment for removing contaminations of any kind from heavily contaminated parts. By cleaning at high pressure, sustainability and work safety is guaranteed. In addition, your customers benefit from a huge variety of washing machines for manual and automatic cleaning with matching liquids.

The optimal parts cleaning solutions are based on our experience. Each day, industrial companies deal with contaminations of any kind. Since every contamination is different, and parts are contaminated to various degrees, we offer our customers both manual and automatic cleaning devices. Our aim as a manufacturer is to help our customers work better with a solution based on their specific requirements.

For automatic cleaning, we offer various liquids to optimize the cleaning processes at your customers’.

BIO-CIRCLE L Star optimizes the processes because it is foamless and can be used in automatic injection devices. It removes stronger contaminations from used parts, e.g. in the maintenance department. It is designed for removing strong greases and burnt-in oils from bearings and such. On the one hand, the customer benefits from a professional work place as well as from efficient cleaning. On the other hand, the customer saves resources in the long term.

For best results in automatic cleaning, your customer can choose between BIO-CIRCLE L Turbo and BIO-CIRCLE L Star. The foamless BIO-CIRCLE L Turbo achieves best results in Production, with parts that are contaminated with oil and dirt.

Do you think automatic cleaning is the application of choice?

With the BIO-CIRCLE devices, the operator may increase their profitability because they can concentrate on their value-adding competence. In addition, the parts washer provides exceptional cleaning results. More work can be done, and parts will be clean and protected. Automatic cleaning can help you save work and time.

If the cleaning process with Bio-Circle products sounds interesting for you but automatic cleaning does not fit your application, Bio-Circle offers also a wide selection of manual parts washing machines: the BIO-CIRCLE GT Maxi and BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact.

For removing dirt, grease and oil, the BIO-CIRCLE GT Maxi and BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact are manual parts washing machines that work in combination with BIO-CIRCLE liquids. BIO-CIRCLE L is the first choice when it comes to industrial applications. If the customer wants to remove powerful contaminations such as oil, grease and dirt, BIO-CIRCLE L Ultra is recommended. In case the customer requires a residue-free surface, BIO-CIRCLE L Aluminium is the perfect match.

Is manual cleaning the most efficient solution for your customer?

The BIO-CIRCLE parts washing machine allows you to put the soiled part in the basin with ease, and to clean it directly with two different brushes. The concept of the parts washing machine is based on a circulation system. The liquid runs through various filters in a basin with a heater. Firstly, the contaminations are separated from the liquid through the filter systems. Secondly, the microorganisms in the liquid help split the dirt from the liquids even more thoroughly. Hence, the liquid regenerates itself, and optimal cleaning power is guaranteed even after several cleaning processes. During manual cleaning, the operator themselves can clean the part and check the outcome. If the contamination is stronger, the customer can also soak the part for some minutes. Due to the special circulation system, they won’t lose liquid and even save worktime.

A constant cleaning power is guaranteed because BIO-CIRCLE machines extend the lifetime of a liquid through various processes. Microorganisms stay alive because an air compressor can be added to every machine.

The optimal cleaning solution with BIO-CIRCLE products

All in all, BIO-CIRCLE devices in combination with the liquids help you work better and guarantee safe and efficient work.

MAKING GREEN WORK is your chance to optimize your daily business with enormous biological cleaning power provided by BIO-CIRCLE.