Surface protection in plasma- and laser-cutting
E-WELD Shield

Coating the bars with E-WELD Shield in plasma- and laser-cutting prevents major build-ups of slag. This makes the bars easier and faster to clean, and they can be used for a longer time. This means that using E-WELD Shield will not only save time but also reduce costs.

Cut your costs!

The plasma- and laser-cutting systems are available for longer periods of time because the bars do not have to be replaced so often and cleaning requires less time. This means that the systems can run for longer times and higher quantities can be produced. A reduction in the build-ups of slag will also result in a better cut-out quality because the material rests flat on the bars. 

Easy, ergonomic, effective 

Mix the E-WELD Shield thoroughly, then simply apply it to the new or cleaned bars by means of the spray system. It is also very economical because 1 kg is usually sufficient for approx. 20 square metres. The ceramic additives contained therein effectively prevent slag that builds up in the cutting process from adhering. Safe application is guaranteed because the product is free from volatile organic compounds and does not require labelling under the CLP Regulation. 



  • Time savings:

           Fast and easy cleaning of the bars because of less slag adhesions 

  • Cost savings: 

           The bars do not have to be replaced so often.

           The systems can be used over longer periods of time.

  • Improved quality:

           The material for the cut-outs rests flat on the bars.

E-WELD Shield spray gun
E-WELD Shield

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Perfectly equipped at all times 

With the original accessories for your BIO-CIRCLE product you’re always on the safe side, be it stainless steel inserts, brushes or filters.

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