E-WELD Range

The water-based anti-spatter sprays prevent weld spatter from burning in during MIG/MAG welding and laser cutting. The welding separating agents have excellent wetting properties. Whether in stainless steel welding, welding of other metals, in laser welding or in vehicle construction, extraordinary construction, container- and boiler construction – the products can be used wherever welding operations are carried out, such as in steel construction, machine building, container building, agricultural machine building, special machine construction, in the supply industry, shelf construction, vehicle construction, pressure vessel construction, crane construction or conveyor technology. 

The separating agents are an environment-conscious alternative to the conventional spray can – no hazardous waste is produced, and no elaborate deposit system is required. In addition to their welding separating properties they also feature a cleaning component. The E-WELD 3 separating agent for instance features a cleaning and degreasing effect. It is particularly suited for laser cutting as it prevents the development of skimmings at the laser penetration point and guarantees neat cut edges, whereas the E-WELD 4 separating lotion guarantees a Moses effect. E-WELD Nozzle provides ceramic protection to the gas nozzle, current contact pipe & nozzle holder, welding nozzles, tips and clamping devices in MIG/MAG welding and is thermally stable up to 1000°C/1832°F. For separating agents to be used in robotized welding we recommend E-WELD Rob. 

Separation effect 

The select ingredients leave a protective film on the metal which functions as a barrier between the work piece and the hot metal, thus preventing weld spatter from adhering to the surface. Even when applied very thinly, the ingredients provide an excellent separation effect. The weld spatter cools down quickly, and the extracts prevent them from sticking. The contained water has no adverse effect on the weld seam. In addition, the welding nozzles, appliances and work pieces are protected from weld spatter. Subsequent grinding of the surface becomes obsolete. 

The eco-friendly separating agent contains no propellants as they are used in aerosol cans, which means that the occupational risk in welding is lower than when working with aerosols containing propellants. Their aqueous component makes the E-WELD products non-flammable. They also do not contain silicones, which is a particular advantage for paint shops. 

Cleaning effect 

The surfactants contained in the welding protection sprays guarantee uniform and complete wetting of the metal sheet surface. E-WELD 3 also features a cleaning effect; i.e. thin grease films can also be removed from the metal sheets with the aid of the anti-spatter products. This makes time-consuming cleaning work on the seam obsolete. 

Just take the spray bottle, spray it on, weld, and wipe it off – finished. The anti-spatter spray products have been granted various approvals for trouble-free zinc coating and varnishing after welding. These include approvals issued by Herning Zinc Coating, Volkswagen AG, SLT Laser Technology and the Dresden Institute for Corrosion Protection, to name but a few. 

Product differentiation: 

  • E-WELD 2: for all applications, particularly suited for thin and/or preheated metal sheets and multilayer weld seams, good corrosion protection, low-odour 
  • E-WELD 3: water-based with cleaning and degreasing effect on heavily greased metal sheets, also ideal for protecting metal sheets in laser cutting, low-odour 
  • E-WELD 4: premium quality – high process reliability, good compatibility with all materials, downstream processes will not be affected, good corrosion protection, low-odour 
  • E-WELD Gel: nozzle protection 
  • E-WELD Rob: nozzle protection in robot applications 


  • Time- and cost-saving 
  • Excellent wetting properties 
  • Minimal consumption 
  • Solvent- and silicone-free 
  • Very good separating properties 
  • Galvanizing and varnishing after welding is possible without any problems 
  • Stable emulsions prevent the active substances from separating during storage 
  • No tedious bottle shaking required 
  • Suitable for high-temperature welding, laser cutting, robotized welding, etc. 
  • The emulsion will remain stable for its entire shelf life of at least one year (frost-protected storage) 
  • Eco-friendly: no propellant is used as in aerosol cans 
  • No labelling required under the CLP Regulation 


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