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In 2005, Daniel Mereuta have started working with Bio-Circle and in 2008, they became official partners of the group. This partnership gave the team of 23 employees the opportunity to help the Romanian industry replace their toxic solvents with a...

Tadeas Micek, Junior CEO Bio-Circle s.r.o., Czech Republic

The ICB’s are helping us to convince the customer that we have the solution for his problem. We will use the ICB in all communication with the customer.

Jens Haelterman, CEO Alter-eco, Belgium

It is a brilliant day to make the world safer and cleaner – this is the daily slogan of the Swedish Bio-Circle sales partner since the founding year 2015. Since two years, the team increases constantly the turnover through the spread of Bio-Circle...

Per Reinholdsson, CEO Schweden - Bio-Circle Surface Technology AB

A successful company has been built up: Since 13 years, Roman Sýkora is the leader of the Bio-Circle cooperation partner in Slovakia. The business started with one employee and less than 10.000Euro turnover. Now ten employees create more than...

Roman Sýkora, CEO Slovakia - Bio-Circle Surface Technology s.r.o.