RWR und RWR-KST - Rohrreinigungsanlagen & Wärmetauscherreinigung

RWR systems by Bio-Circle are the perfect solution for cleaning internal circuit systems without dismantling. The RWR KST is customized to the particular requirements on the cleaning of cooling ducts in plastic injection moulds. It increases the cooling effect, this reducing the scrap rate and facilitating a higher rate of production.



  • System for the cleaning of cooling ducts in plastic injection moulds 
  • Removes limescale and corrosion from internal circuit systems 
  • No time-consuming dismantling – just install a supply- and a return pipe and start cleaning 
  • Cleans and flushes systems on the principle of orbital cleaning 
  • Time- and cost-saving 
  • Also cleans complex pipe geometries 
  • Mobile 
RWR-80 L KST Dual Automatik
RWR-80 L KST Dual Manuell
RWR-80 L KST Automatik
RWR-80 L KST Manuell
RWR-80 L, Rohr- und Wärmetauscher

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Stefan Schaller - KFZ-Innung Mittelfranken

Durch die einfache Bedienung, die schnelle, sichere und umweltschonende Reinigung auch hochgradig verschmutzter Teile und den hohen Standzeiten des...

Stefan Schaller - KFZ-Innung Mittelfranken
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