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Premium cleaning cloth, roll Premium cleaning cloth, roll
The Premium cleaning cloth is your everyday companion in manual cleaning. It effortlessly absorbs a high quantity of cleaner and the contaminations contained therein and binds them, thus reducing streak formation on the surface. This...
Special cleaning fleece, d=150 mm Special cleaning fleece, d=150 mm
For professional stainless steel cleaning Perfect with Bio-Circle E-NOX products Maximum grip in combination with the hand grinding disc Polishes stainless steel and absorbs existing contaminations
Titration Kit big Titration Kit big
The big Titration Kit can be used to determine the exact concentration of water-miscible cleaning baths, allowing for an accurate calculation of the quantity of cleaner to be added to a cleaning fluid in order to achieve the...
Discharge tap Discharge tap
Tap for 200 L drums incl. 3/4" adapter.
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