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OMNI is a multifunctional spray for lubricating, protecting, and cleaning. It features an excellent capillarity that facilitates penetrating the contaminations to dissolve them. Moreover, it creates a lubricating film that protects from...
OMNI 200 OMNI 200
OMNI 200 is a multifunctional spray with low capillarity that requires no labelling under the CLP Regulation. With its low capillarity it penetrates light contaminations in order to dissolve them. Moreover, it creates a lubricating film...
Die-Casting Mould Cleaner Die-Casting Mould Cleaner
The Die-Casting Mould Cleaner serves for the removal of aluminium- and releasing agent residues from die-casting moulds. The product stands out for its high yield and associated low consumption. Staff exposure to fumes will be minimized....
Uni-Sorb Uni-Sorb
UNI-SORB efficiently absorbs liquids, preventing them from reaching groundwater of other water cycles. In addition, the granulate has an excellent grip that binds greasy and oily liquids in such a way that the risk of accidents by...