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Tiefen-Eisfrei -50°C Tiefen-Eisfrei -50°C
Ice-Free -50 °C effectively removes ice and snow at temperatures down to -50°C/-58°F. With normal ice formation without new snowfall, the de-icing effect lasts up to three days. Thanks to the mild alkalinity of the granulate, marble and...
OMNI 200 OMNI 200
OMNI 200 is a multifunctional spray with low capillarity that requires no labelling under the CLP Regulation. With its low capillarity it penetrates light contaminations in order to dissolve them. Moreover, it creates a lubricating film...

Product sizes:

PET bottle with trigger 500ml

IBC 1000 L

metal drum 200 L

plastic jerrican 20 L

Zinc-Spray Zinc-Spray
Zinc Spray features a high concentration of zinc pigments that guarantee protection against weathering influences. Effective corrosion protection.
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