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Tiefen-Eisfrei -50°C Tiefen-Eisfrei -50°C
Ice-Free -50 °C effectively removes ice and snow at temperatures down to -50°C/-58°F. With normal ice formation without new snowfall, the de-icing effect lasts up to three days. Thanks to the mild alkalinity of the granulate, marble and...
Zinc Paste Zinc Paste
With its zinc content of 95 % in the dry film the paste provides effective corrosion protection. This means that external environmental influences, such as water or air, will not damage the treated surface.
High-Performance Anti-Rust Oil High-Performance Anti-Rust Oil
This liquid High-Performance Anti-Rust Oil protects metal surfaces and machine parts before, during and after machining as well as during storage inside and outside of buildings.  The brown oil features strong dewatering...

Product sizes:

plastic bottle 500 ml

plastic jerrican 20 L

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